About Us

To most companies it sounds easy to describe themselves, but not for us. In small words, VLg is a dream coming true. so How to describe a living dream?

Alex personally works in Brazil with international trade for 18 years as a third party, helping companies bringing and leaving merchandise from all over the world, principally USA. During all this time, finding partners at the other side to help handle merchandise was always a hard and a risky task, but not anymore. During all this years, we learned something: If you want things get done, do it yourself.

VLg was born from the necessity to have a company for represent, buy, resell and distribute products from and to Brazil, initially.

     But sell at this enormous american market is not that easy. We had to learn by ourselves how it works, all regulations, their differences and now we operate at Marketplaces too. 

In Resume, VLg is a group of companies acting as importers and exporters, distributors, resellers, sales representative and a brand, bringing high quality and affordable products.

We are service providers.
We are merchants. We are a brand.

We are VLg.