Products from Brazilian Market

VLg were born from a necessity as a brazilian trader to put products abroad, and now we can work in both sides (importer and exporter).

Our trading in Brazil is a member of BRAZILIAN COUNCIL OF COMMERCIAL IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS (Ceciex), where we participate in business roundtables ( from Apex Brazil and many others) with local producers looking to export but doesn´t have structure to put their products outside Brazil so during these years we made good relationships with local producers.

If you are looking for an specific manufacturer or product, from our structure at Sao Paulo state, we can:
– Develop new providers;
– Research for products;
– Make contracts with manufacturers;
– Follow-up productions;
– Make any inspection needed;
– Cargo consolidation from different manufacturers and export;

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Brazilians that want to Export

Export. A small word for a such difficult and long task.
We attend national and international exhibitions taking and bringing products from all over the world. Sell internationally need persistence, insistence, patience, a lot of hardwork and study. From more than 18 years at international trade as a buyer, seller and customs broker, we learned a lot and now we can guide and offer the best ways to put your product outside.

Florida is a major gateway for merchandise trade between North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and other world regions. With our headquarters at Miami, we can develop market, distribute, intermediate, store and sell for stores, and principally put your product at the biggest E-Marketplaces in the world: and .

Call us and see how we can help you growth your sells with a lowcost structure!