Bringing to Brazil

 In 2016, the United States was the second largest goods exporter to Brazil, accounting for 16 percent of Brazil’s total imported goods; behind China and followed by Germany, Argentina, and South Korea. In 2016, Brazil imported US$30.3 billion from the United States. Brazil ranked as the United States’ twelfth-largest export market for goods in 2016. Brazil remains the United States’ largest trading partner with which it maintains a trade surplus. (Source: Global Trade Atlas).

           Brazil represents an excellent export partner for experienced U.S. exporters. Major reasons to export to Brazil include: 

  • Brazil’s population of 207 million is the fifth largest in the world, representing nearly 3 percent of global consumers.
  • Brazil is also a traditional leader among emerging markets. A BRICS member, many multi-national companies consider it as an essential market for truly global businesses.
  • Brazil has a natural affinity for the United States and a high regard for U.S. made products, brands and technology.

The Brazilian Government is actively cultivating relationships with international and U.S. businesses and prioritizing macroeconomic stability.  (Source:

Due to all this positive scenario, thru our brazilian structure we can:
– Develop market for your segment;
– Intermediate and negotiate the best reasonable prices;
– Store general goods at our warehouse and resell it for you;
– As customs brokers, we can administrate bonded warehousing services, make fractionals admissions and deliver for your clients.
– Put your product at brazilian Marketplaces such as , Amazon Brazil and many others. Message us!

Hey Brazilian, want to import US products?

If you ever went to United States, probably you got amazed with their products and principally, their prices. But how you could import from them in quantities to resell? Redirection services works only for personal usage. For quantities, you´ll need a trading service, and here we can help you:

– Developing suppliers;
– Research for products;
– Consolidation from different manufacturers;
– We can obtain an accreditation at RFB (Called Radar) to start importing directly;
– We can resell locally;
– We can make customs clearance at any port or airport in Brazil;

Check how we can fit your necessities, message us!